KPS Remote Learning

Welcome to Remote Learning at Kensington Primary School. 

Remote Learning is a new concept for many of our families and staff and whilst we adapt to this change, we ask that you are patient and also adopt a growth mindset.

The school, will support students who are unable to attend school by providing educational materials that will be completed during Remote and Flexible learning for the duration. There are a number of ways in which the school can assist with learning.

These include:

    • The use of an existing online learning management system (Google Classroom and SENTRAL) to share learning and teaching materials.  As mentioned, Kensington Primary is using individual Google Classrooms for each class this time, and continuing with WebEx as the virtual contact space.
    • requested provision of materials to students - hard copy
    • Allowing students extra time to complete work.

Kensington Primary School, in this the second opportunity for Remote and Flexible learning, has used feedback from students, staff and parents to adjust the delivery. The learning tasks for students will include both academic and social tasks. There will be tasks that require online support and others that require independent learning.  Some tasks will be required to be uploaded onto the Google Classroom for teachers to have a record of each student’s learning for assessment and planning purposes.

The following is an outline of the learning schedule for Remote and Flexible learning for Term 3 at Kensington Primary.


For students Foundation- Grade 6 the school will provide learning programs that include the following each day:

  • Reading lesson that takes a total of about 45 minutes everyday
  • Writing lesson that takes a total of about 45 minutes everyday
  • Numeracy lesson that takes a total of about 45 minutes everyday


Additional learning areas across the week will include:

  • The Big Question: lesson that takes a total of about 45 minutes everyday
  • Physical Education: 45 minutes, once a week
  • Music: 45 minutes, once a week
  • Art: 45 minutes, once a week
  • Mindfulness: 45 minutes, once a week
  • Cultural Studies: Years 3 -6 students 45 minutes, once a week
  • STEAM: Foundation – Year 2 students 45 minutes, once a week
  • Language Learning Intervention: student specific, 50 minutes sessions on days designated


Kensington Primary School community now has the experience of the first Remote Learning adventure, and so are more familiar with the environment, and expectations to embark on the second experience with confidence.

The staff have a commitment to Google Classroom as the continuing platform for communication teacher to student, and Sentral for communication of staff to parents.  Please ensure you are regularly opening your SENTRAL parental portal. The Office can assist with any password issues.

Taking on the student, parent and staff feedback, we have adjusted the organisation and length of lessons.

Your child will be invited to join WebEx for catch-ups / class meetings at specific and regular times, each morning and afternoon. Class Catch up times are outlined below. We will still need your continued support for the younger children in Foundation - Grade 2 as some aspects on the Remote Learning may require some adult assistance. 


As in the past, the weekly learning timetable will be published on your child’s Google Classroom page.  Children will have a daily check-in each morning and then teaching sessions will follow.


The morning Year level ‘Catch Up’ session times:

  • Year 5 and 6               - 8:50am
  • Year 3 and 4               - 9:00am
  • Year 2                        - 9:10am
  • Foundation and Year 1 - 9:15am


The afternoon Year level ‘Catch Up’ session times:

  • Prep and Year 1          - 3:00pm
  • Year                           - 3:10pm
  • Year 3 and 4               - 3:15pm
  • Year 5 and 6               - 3:20pm


The Specialist teachers will have a timetable of class contact.  The timetable will be allocated for 50 min but might be less time in a face-to-face situation. Students will need to log on at the beginning of each specialist session.


Uploading of the Weekly Learning Matrix tasks:

  • The Weekly Learning Matrix will be emailed to parents on Friday afternoon.


Uploading of the daily learning tasks:

  • The learning tasks will be uploaded each morning at 8:45am on the Google Classroom.


Supporting your child:

In supporting your child in this environment, families are encouraged to use the timetable from school to compliment the rhythm of your family. If things are not progressing well please speak to the teacher.  We can support, adjust or engage with your child to sort out the situation.




All students from Foundation to Year 6 will be provided with learning tasks related to Reading, Writing and Mathematics that are core-learning areas and are expected to be completed each day.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in specialist classes each week, as outlined in the daily classroom timetable and Weekly Learning Matrix.

It is expected that teaching teams will provide to students with a timetable for learning which will be posted on their individual classroom space on Google Classroom.  Below is a sample timetable that your child will get to know. Please understand that teachers are teaching remotely and are focused on their students. Communication with teachers is to be during non-teaching times, or via Sentral. Teachers on-site will be supervising a group of students, therefore may not be able to communicate with parents outside of the core learning areas.

Feedback provided by teachers is targeted at mastery of key learning skills.  Your child’s teacher will provide verbal /written feedback twice a week for core curriculum areas. This will be done by teachers and specialist teachers publishing the learning goals and success criteria, which the students have demonstrated achievement of. An example of this would be:

Learning Goals - We are learning to draft a narrative

  • I can use the correct text structure, i.e beginning, middle and end – Achieved
  • I can demonstrate the language features of a narrative text i.e. first person, use of adjectives – this is a skill to further develop/ work on.

Access to digital devices: 

Already you will know that the school can provide devices for use at home.  All families are reminded of the Communication protocols that have been developed to ensure that we are a supportive community. 



Student Expectations

  • Adhere to the ICT Acceptable Use policy regarding use of technology and cyber safety. This includes all areas of social media. Parents are reminded to supervise student use of social media.
  • Sign in each day, which is on their Google Classroom space.
  • Complete assigned work to the best of their ability and in reasonable amount of time allocated
  • Join in to and participate in scheduled video conferencing sessions on WebEx and follow all teacher instructions and expectations
  • Listen respectfully to teachers and other students
  • Respectfully communicate to teachers and other students as required: face to face, through comments and emails
  • Students will not record any video conferencing sessions


Parent/Carer Expectations

  • Support students to access and complete assigned learning tasks each day
  • Ensure students are able to attend scheduled video conferencing sessions
  • Allow students to participate independently in weekly check-ins
  • Not record any video conferencing sessions
  • Not share password or login details
  • Not share or comment about Remote Learning on social media
  • Attendance parents need to ensure that teachers are informed as to any absences


Teacher Expectations

  • Ensure that students in their class are online each day and keep the attendance roll at 9:30am and make any adjustments by 2:30pm
  • Distribute weekly timetable and schedules to students and parents in advance to allow for preparation
  • Conduct scheduled class Check-ins via Webex with all students, morning and afternoon daily throughout the week.
  • Conduct group teaching on Webex with all students
  • Pre-record videos modelling specific teaching and learning as needed (being mindful of resources used to avoid breach of copyright)
  • Classroom teachers will be on-line for core learning subjects.
  • Specialist teachers will be-online from the beginning of their specialist session
  • Teachers will contact families if there are concerns as to attendance, the parents/ carers of a child absent for 2 or more days without communication will be contacted.





The Parent/Carer Communications Protocols provide the structures and processes in which parents/carers can communicate with staff at Kensington Primary School. This document is an addendum to the Communication Policy and Communications Protocols – Parents/Carers, and should to be read in conjunction with that Policy.



SENTRAL is to be recognised as the main communication tool for all adult stakeholders of the school.

Google Classroom is the main communication tool for student remote learning.

If a parent/carer wishes to raise a concern or query regarding their child, they should contact the classroom teacher via Sentral in the first instance.   

If the concern or query is not resolved, parents/carers should contact the Foundation-One (Rachel Gurr), Year 2 (Julie Stephens), Year 3-4 (Hayley Horne), Year 5-6 (Bridget McLaughlin) school leadership team.  The Assistant Principal or Principal can be contacted in relation to a matter, if all efforts to resolve the matter via the classroom teacher or leaders have been unsatisfactory.


Communications by phone

Where a parent/carer needs to speak to the Principal or Assistant Principal by phone, they are to make this request via Sentral.

The relevant staff member will acknowledge receipt of the request to call via SENTRAL email and a response will occur within 48 hours (two school days) of receipt.

All interactions are to be professional and reflect the relevant AITSL Standards and the Department of Education Values. (Refer to Statement of Expectations).


Communication via email

Staff will contact parents/carers to report on academic, safety or health areas either at the request of parents or at teacher discretion. This maybe at least weekly to gauge parental coping.

Staff will email parents/carers via SENTRAL.

Parents/carers will email staff via SENTRAL.

Staff will respond to parent/carer’s email during school business hours (8:50am-3:30pm).


The relevant staff member will acknowledge receipt of the email via SENTRAL and a response will occur within 48 hours (two school days) of receipt.

All interactions are to be professional and reflect the relevant AITSL Standards and the Department of Education Values. (Refer to Statement of Expectations)



Staff will contact students in relation to remote learning tasks via Google Classroom. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Setting learning tasks.
  • Providing feedback to students.
  • Answering student questions regarding their learning.

Students can contact teachers in relation to remote learning tasks via Google Classroom.  This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Asking questions related to remote learning tasks.
  • Responding to feedback related to learning tasks.
  • Uploading work.


Google Classroom should not be used for socialising including chats and messages unrelated to the remote learning.  The chat facility for students will be enabled and disabled according to need.

All interactions by staff are to be professional and reflect the relevant AITSL Standards and the Department of Education Values. (Refer to Statement of Expectations)


Updated- Communication

  • Students can contact teachers in relation to remote learning tasks via Google Classroom. 
  • Communication needs to be in relation to the learning tasks and learning occurring at home as directed by teachers.
  • The preferred way of communicating by parents is to email your child’s teacher via Sentral, so they can respond to you in a timely manner, given consideration teachers are teaching during the day.
  • Communication is expected to occur during normal school hours between 9am and 4.45pm on weekdays only.
  • Allow time for your teachers to reply to you.
  • Comments on the stream will now be turned off to avoid unnecessary posts. 


Communication via Webex Meetings:

Teachers will communicate and teach whole class or groups of students via Webex as determined by the curriculum plan and the school.  The classroom teacher will hold these virtual meetings and teaching sessions and the students in the class will access the meeting via Webex Meetings with the link published on Google Classroom.


For small group instruction, the teachers will communicate whom, how and when students should access the virtual learning.  Days, times and groupings will be communicated to students via Google Classroom.  Please look for these notifications, they will also be listed in the timetable.

Videoed lessons prepared by the teacher will be included in the swath of learning opportunities.  These will be posted on the Google Classroom space and students will be directed to such learning tools by the teacher in the Morning Check-ins.

All interactions are to be professional and reflect the relevant AITSL Standards and the Department of Education Values. (Refer to Statement of Expectations)


Video Conferencing (Webex)

For the term three Remote Learning meetings with students will occur from the first week of Remote learning. This will be completed through Webex (the Department’s preferred tool).

  • Class check-in every morning at specific times as communicated in the classroom timetable from 8:50am – 9:20am with all students in the class.
    • Purpose is to see how students are going, to explain the learning for the day
    • From the check-in, small group instruction will be initiated. Children will know when their small group will occur and in what area of learning.
    • Teachers will provide opportunities for students to interact with each other as well.


Starting week 1 of Remote Learning (July 20th) morning check-ins and the small group teacher instruction will commence.  Straight into the learning online. Please reference the class timetable and the teacher’s group allocation.

An Example of a Weekly Classroom Timetable with teaching times listed. Please click this link.


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