Science Week 2021

The theme for National Science Week was Food: Different by Design. Science Week honours the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

Science Week at KPS, although an online version due to the extension of remote learning was a huge success.

Science Week is also about food-based activities at home, since the theme is Food: Different by Design. Remember that cooking, preserving, bottling and fermenting at home are great ways to stimulate your child’s thinking about the science of food, particularly the transformation of substances during the process. Families are encouraged to take photos of their efforts in the kitchen because this would make it possible to bring in photos and create a display when we are back on site at school.

The final event of Science Week, the whole-school picnic, was cancelled because of the extended lockdown. However, if you have supported Science Week in any way, big or small, we thank you.

During Science Week class teachers had the opportunity to show their students interviews with parents in our community who are scientists.

The interview videos were recorded via the Webex platform, making it easy to share the amazing range of scientific expertise in the parent community. Disciplines range from immunology and optometry to agricultural science, lasers and spatial engineering, and the students did a great job thinking of the interview questions themselves.

My heartfelt thanks go to all the parents who participated in the interviews and gave us so much insight into their work. A special mention goes to those who put in extra effort to make additional instructional videos for the students.


Andy North interview (synthetic chemistry and molecules)

Daniel Gray interview (immunology research)

Martin Tomko interview (spatial engineering)

Miranda Smith (vaccines and immunity)

Sebastian Saliba interview (lasers and electronics)
Sebastian's experiments (light spectrum)

Teacher Jake's baking bagels (fermentation and heat)
Bagel recipe