Volunteer Work @ KPS

At Kensington Primary School we value the volunteer work that parents and carers contribute to our school. As part of the Department of Education Volunteer OHS management in schools.

It is mandatory for all volunteers to follow the required processes whilst volunteering on school premises or off site such as excursions and sports events.

Please click on the following links to find a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement form, Volunteer OHS Induction Checklist, related policies and Volunteer OHS Induction Handbook.

Volunteer Induction Handbook
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
Volunteer Worker OHS Induction Checklist
Volunteer Policy

All volunteers must: 

  1. Read the Volunteer OHS Induction Handbook and related policies
  2. Then complete and sign the OHS Induction Checklist and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement and submit to the office via email, kensington.ps@education.vic.gov.au or in person.

Just a reminder that ALL volunteers including grandparents and other relatives must complete the induction as well as having a current Working with Children Check Card (WWCC). All volunteers must display their WWCC card in their visitors lanyard.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with the Department requirements for volunteers working in schools. Together we can ensure that processes are in place to provide a safe environment for everyone.

If you need to apply for a Working with Children check, click here and complete the required information. There is no charge for a Volunteer Working with Children Check.