Specialist Subjects

Visual Arts is a highly valued program at KPS. The hallways, walls, outdoor areas, fences, trees and even ceilings are adorned with marvelous creations of KPS students. The Visual Arts Program is based on the AusVels curriculum guide and is a component of “The Arts” as a whole. The AusVels includes two sections; Creating and Making, and Exploring and Responding which are included in the program throughout the year.

When students are involved in the creating and making part of the curriculum they are exploring experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings as they experiment with arts elements, principles, skills, techniques, processes and media. Throughout the year they do this using materials in 2D and 3D forms. The curriculum spirals around four main themes for each year level, these are pattern abstraction and decoration, the picture tells a story, drawing and working in 3D. Often an overarching concept or question  is also explored.

As students are involved in the exploring and responding part of the curriculum they develop understandings of their own and others works (both other students’ and established artists’ works). Studies of Visual Arts artists can be from various periods in history or a range of cultures.

Some units of  art work compliment and connect to the classroom inquiry programs, so students can use the opportunity to enrich and extend their skills and knowledge through the arts.

In the Visual Arts program students are encouraged to express their imagination, creativity and ability to innovate by extending and transforming ideas. This is done within a supportive, structured curriculum  and classroom climate that develops risk taking, courage and perseverance.

Kensington Primary School has a thriving performing Arts Program consisting of 5 ensembles, private instrumental tuition and a classroom performing arts program. The classroom program follows the AusVels Curriculum Guide. Sections of the Arts are teased apart and taught separately. The AusVels emphasises “creating and making”. Over the course of a year, students learn skills in music, dance and drama. They use these skills to develop their own compositions, choreograph there own movement sequences, and create their own dramatic pieces.

The AusVels also emphasises “exploring and responding” to the arts which includes reflections about their own and others works and studies of art works from other cultures or periods of history.

Some units of work compliment the classroom studies. In these cases the performing arts enriches the children’s learning as well as the students bringing their classroom experiences and learning to the performing arts. 

KPS has three fantastic school choirs. Senior choir consisting of approximately 40 students, Junior choir consisting of between 60-80 students and the Auditioned Early Birds Choir. The Early Birds Choir rehearses for an hour before school on a Thursday morning. In 2014 the Early Birds Choir reached the Finals of the Boroondara Primary Choral Section coming 3rd with MLC. Both Senior Choir and The Early Birds Choir perform annually at the Melbourne Eisteddfod. All K.P.S choirs perform in and around our community and at small and large events including Warm Winter Voices 2013 at the Melbourne Town Hall. In addition to the performing arts program is the instrumental music program run by Melbourne Music Tuition, during school hours on a Monday. Melbourne Music Tuition provides instrumental tuition for piano/keyboard, guitar, singing, drums, double bass, violin, viola and two ensembles. 

K.PS ROCK BAND - Rock Band rehearses once a week and performs on a regular basis.

K.P.S STRINGS GROUP - Run by a specialist strings teacher this group consists of students who play violin, viola, cello and double bass. Students rehearse before school once a week and have several performance opportunities across the year. 
The language Other Than English program (LOTE) taught at Kensington Primary School is Indonesian.  The core focus of the program is to expose the students to learning and communicating in a language other than English and to develop intercultural knowledge and language awareness.  The major focus is to help students to see themselves as global citizens of the future with greater sensitivity and a deeper understanding of the Indonesian people, their language and culture.

Students are encouraged to practise conversational language, and to identify and imitate culturally appropriate language.  The students repeat words and learn to ask and answer questions related to themselves, building a personal profile in Bahasa Indonesian.  Students are encouraged to join in songs, dances and games and be able to demonstrate both verbally and non-verbally an enhanced understanding of Indonesian language and culture.

The Physical Education program aims for every student to fully participate in an active life. Each student is encouraged to ‘have a go’ at an array of physical activities and they are given advice on how they can improve their individual performances.

The Physical Education program takes the individual to a higher level, in that students are encouraged to work co-operatively and harmoniously in small groups, leading onto the experience of playing in a team. Students are constantly reminded of our Team anagram, that is: Together Everyone Achieves More.

Together with this focus, the program is delivered and assessed according to the VELS Curriculum Guide. Emphasis is placed on the Physical Education and Health including a strong focus on the Interpersonal Skills.

The swimming carnival, soccer tournament, athletics carnival and interschool sports have always been a highlight of each year for both competitors and supporters.  These special events support and are supported by the regular specialist PE classes the students receive weekly.