Student Absences

Regular school attendance is essential for the overall development of children. Once enrolled in primary school, your child is expected to attend school every day of each term. It is important that children develop regular attendance habits at an early age. Children who are regularly absent from school are at risk of missing out on learning the basic building blocks in subjects, and may experience long-term learning difficulties. Where possible, parents are asked to schedule medical and dental appointments for their child out of school hours.

If your child needs to be absent from school the Department of Education requires you to supply an explanation of that absence to the school. This can be done by an the parent/carer via the online parent portal Compass or telephoning the School Office on 9376 6013. On occasions, absence confirmation notes may be sent home from the school requesting a reason for a student’s absence and parental signature. Early indication of absences is appreciated as often special programs for the class or group may be planned.

If your child has an infectious disease they will be excluded for the period outlined by the Department of Education and will require a medical certificate indicating that they can return to school.

Absences during School Hours
Sometimes it may be necessary for parents to take students from school during the day. On such occasions advance notice is appreciated and arrangements must be made for the collection of the student from school. Under no circumstances may a child be collected from school during school hours without notification to the Office. Students must be signed out at the Office by the person collecting the student prior to the student being collected from the classroom.

In the interest of overall safety, it is school policy not to allow students to leave the school grounds alone—other than at the end of the day.

Please note:  In line with our Child Safe Policy you may be asked to provide photo ID to confirm your identity.  Children WILL NOT be released to any adult who is not on our system as either a primary or emergency contact without consent from parents.