Welcome Notes
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Welcome to Foundation
Welcome to Year 1
Welcome to Year 2
Welcome to Year 3
Welcome to Year 4
Welcome to Year 5
Welcome to Year 6

Whole School Assemblies

Our whole school assemblies are held every second Friday at 3:00pm in the school.  Parents are invited to attend to observe both formal and informal items presented by classes, groups and individuals.   At the conclusion of assembly, classes return to their classrooms to be dismissed for the day.

Our fortnightly newsletter provides a forum for students, teachers, parents and others in the school community to present items of common interest.  The newsletter is published fortnightly on Thursdays.  The newsletter is on our Parent Portal link and is available online on our website.

Office Update
On weeks where there is no newsletter we publish a short office update with important information and reminders.

Student Diaries
Children in Foundation - Year 2 have a reading diary that needs to be signed by a parent each night. Student diaries are kept in a navy reading satchel.  Important notices such as excursions are also placed in the children's reading satchel so it is important for parents to check these daily.

Students in Years 3- 6 have a Kensington Primary School diary where homework tasks and important dates are recorded by the students.  Parents are expected to read and sign their child's diary each night.

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