School Uniform Shop

Kensington Primary School has a compulsory school uniform.  School uniform can be purchased using several options:


Option 1:  Purchase direct from the shop at 2 Aviation Road, Laverton.


9am - 6pm Monday to Friday


9am - 5.30pm Saturdays and 10am - 5pm Sundays.


Option 2:  Purchase online Online Uniform Order and have items delivered to your home for $10 or delivered to the school on a Friday for free. You will receive a text message to let you know when your uniform is ready for collection.


Option 3: Complete a paper order form and pay at the office at any time.  Order forms are available from the school office or can be printed off the DCS website.


Children need to wear sensible footwear at all times.  Runners are required for Physical Education.  Thongs, open toed sandals, crocs and high heel shoes are not acceptable footwear for school.