Our Staff

We are grateful for our talented and dedicated staff who are committed to delivering high quality learning and teaching practices, to maximise the potential of every child in our school. The staffing structure for 2024 is below. 


School Leadership Team


Bridget McLaughlin - Principal 

Julie Stephens - Assistant Principal 

Julian Bradford - Assistant Principal 

Rachel Gurr - Learning Specialist 

Danni Kelly - Mental Health in Primary School Wellbeing Leader


Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) 



FA - Amber Soleimani

FB - Jessica Filippis

FC - Chelsea Crouser


Year One

1A - Luke Aldred

1B - Megan Anderson Thompson

1C - Jenny Walker


Year Two

2A - Jessica Birchall

2B - Jake Bovill

2C - Lee Apfelstedt


Year Three/Four

3/4A - Simon Lukic

3/4B - Steven Thomas

3/4C - Andrea Malina / Rachel Gurr

3/4D - April Heatherill

3/4E - Amanda May


Year Five

5A - Natalie Ince

5B - Melinda Louden

5C - Arthur Amstrong


Year Six

6A - Janine Sprakel

6B - Prianka Advani

6C - Sophia Dimitriou


Specialist Team

Nuccia Presutti - Physical Education 

Andrew Warmington - Physical Education 

Shaun Mansfield - HPE

Elise Andrew - Visual Art

Rachel Tattersall- Spanish/Performing Arts

Louise Donn - Kitchen & Gardening program

Simone Nelson - Tutor

Louise Callanan - Intervention


Education Support Staff

Christine Cardwell - Learning Support

Tracey McKay - Learning Support

Caroline Lontos - Learning Support 

Niamh Corcoran - Learning Support

Finn Dundas - Learning Support




Patricia Santalucia - Business Manager

Louise Height - Administration

Anna Williams - Administration

Esther Cross - Administration/ Website Support


Maintenance & Grounds

Graham Bell