Extracurricular Activities

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council is made up of student representatives from each class who have been elected by their peers. Student Representative Councillors meet regularly and have input into many decisions that are made in the school. The Student Representative Council is able to present concerns and recommendations to meetings of School Council. They also run activities and lunchtime and raise funds for Charity or to purchase equipment/games for the school.


Currently our school operates three choirs – a Junior Choir and Senior Choir.  Staff and students volunteer their time during lunchtimes to enjoy singing together. The choirs perform several times throughout the year, in school, out in the community and as part of wider community competitions and events.

KPS Band

Children who play an instrument can join the KPS band. The band under the direction of KPS teachers, practises at lunchtime each week and performs at special assemblies.

Strings Group

Children who play a stringed instrument, such as violin, cello or viola, are invited to join the KPS strings group. The group practises one morning before school each week under the direction of the KPS music teacher and parents.

Instrumental Music

Melbourne Music Tuition operates a highly regarded instrumental musical program at K.P.S. Lessons are available on instruments including piano, guitar, violin, cello, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute and voice. All lessons are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers. Both private and group lessons are available and are held throughout the school day. Melbourne Music Tuition holds two concerts during the year which allow students to showcase their skills.  Please contact Brooke at melbournemusictuition@yahoo.com. or visit the website https://www.melbournemusictuition.com/.


Buddy Program

A Buddy Program operates for our Prep students and any students new to the school. Students in Years 5 and 6 take on the role as a buddy to our prep students. Each prep student will be allocated a special buddy who will assist them during our Prep Transition mornings and during their first weeks and months at school.

Cooking & Gardening Program

Grades are rostered onto the cooking and gardening program every Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The program is run by a teacher and relies on parent volunteers to assist.

The Greenies

Interested students in year 3 and 4 meet with a teacher one lunchtime a week, to discuss, plan and implement actions that will make our school more sustainable such as recycling paper and composting.